About Sebastien

Sébastien Savard is a combination between a multi-instrumentalist violinist, composer and a circus artist. He is the prototype of the multidisciplinary artist. Originality, virtuosity and his stage presence make him what he is today as an artist.

Classically trained violinist, Sébastien began his training at the Conservatory of music in Chicoutimi with Langis Breton, Guylaine Grégoire and Bret Molsan from an early age. Parallel to these studies in violin, he made training in guitar, saxophone, electric bass, and mandolin. With its perfect pitch and his interest in musical instruments, he became an indispensable multi-instrumentalist for those who perform on the same stage as him. During his teenage years, he was already active on the stage of the Quebec music with the biggest names in the industry.

It was in 2002 that Sebastian was discovered by Cirque Du Soleil. Since then, he played near 4000 shows, in more than 20 countries elder.

He has made appearances in leading television networks in the United States as the Tonight show with Jay Leno. He also played at Sydney Opera House during the Helpmann award. Sebastian made the first page of the prestigious STRINGS magazine in 2010.

Sébastien is also composer and arranger. With its considerable expertise in circus music, he composed regularly to circus acts like juggling, hand-to-hand, fabric, webbing, fakir… With all the arrangements he made for string ensemble, he is known as the human Quartet, as he arranges and records the parts. He has arranged for Steve Desgagné, the Kodiac, Québecissime group…

Sébastien develops since a few years his own musician circus acts. We can see him playing the violin on all parts of his body, juggling, cello and bass, playing the violin while having a double bass balanced on his chin and interpret a musical piece in a minute in which he plays 16 musical instruments.

He is a light rolling. Great generosity on stage and the people have no choice but to follow the pace.

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